Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Little Gym End of class Show

There was uncertainty of how this day would go.  The last time Hannah was faced with a performance, she shut down.  Only when reminded that participation was key to going to her favorite restaurant for dinner later, did she make a vague attempt to perform what she learned in the class.  This time, there was much more conversation, preparation and the incentive of getting the show tutu beforehand... and a lot of prayer.  Hannah still has a couple of things to overcome for the next show, but she did the whole of the performances (all 5 routines!) with grace, beauty and lots of joy!  She had fun and we were all so very proud of her.  But he moment that made us all call out in awe was when she did a perfect cartwheel in the practice before the gymnastics performances!  We look forward to seeing her blossom in dance and gymnastics in the year to come!

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