Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 10 Tadpoles Take 3!

We made our 3rd trip to Eaton Canyon to see how the tadpoles have developed since our last visit.  On our last visit, we only saw little bumps of legs beneath the tails of the tadpoles.  This time we were able to see full on frog legs!  We were also able to see the difference between the regular frog tadpoles and bullfrog tadpoles that were swimming in the creek.  Mihret also found a baby tree frog! (a younger version of the frog Hannah found on our last visit). This was our biggest group too.. Zinash, Mihret, Gabriel, Calia, Elizabeth, Catherine, Hannah and Alyssa frolicked about the creek together.  It wasn't easy keeping track of everyone, but it sure was fun!
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