Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 01 Alyssa Crying

We like to make our own wrapping paper for wrapping birthday presents.  Today, Hannah took a unique approach to her festive designs.  She chose to draw a picture of Alyssa crying.   It is quite a beautiful drawing... even given the subject matter... it's a happier version of the Scream.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 01 Hannah's Mid -Year Recital

Say it isn't so!  Though she did the routines so lovely while they rehearsed once more before the recital, our star dancer chose not to participate when it came to proudly show off what she learned!  Don't let the pictures you see fool you... what you see her doing isn't the routine... it's her doing her own thing.  It wasn't until mommy reminded her that little girls who participate go to their favorite restaurant for dinner, did she even try... and that was for the last two gymnastics routines.  We're not sure what held Hannah back, but this little girl is a natural dancer... it's her passion.  We're looking forward to seeing her dance in the recital in June, so we'll work with her to make sure that she can enjoy that experience.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 01 Alyssa will miss My Gym

Alyssa loves going to My Gym.  She loves the teachers, especially Jammin (but she can still see him in the web show, The Activators).  But given our schedule and their schedule, things aren't going to work out.  Alyssa is looking forward to turning three so she can go to the dance class that she now watches Hannah doing... while she participates from the other side of the door!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 01 Ava's and Olivia's house

The girls always love hanging out at Ava and Olivia's house. We first took the train to see Dumbo at the El Capitan Theater, then it was back to have dinner at our friend's house... get these four girls together and watch out!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 01 Dad's Day at Preschool

Hannah's last time bringing daddy to preschool for Dad's Day.

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2010 01 Snow in Southern CA

This is the view of the mountains from our home on Doolittle Avenue.  We had a lot of rain and some really chilly weather for these parts!  

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 01 Bridgette Sleeps Over

Bridgette came for a sleepover tonight... her first time at a house that wasn't family (though we feel as though she's family) and Hannah's first time to have a friend come without their family (remembering when Helena was here).  Alyssa was part of the action too... they enjoyed popcorn, smores and hot chocolate while watching Hannah's new video, The Little House on the Prairie.  When it was time for bed, Bridgette was ready, snuggled between Hannah and Alyssa on an air mattress on the floor in their room.  Hannah and Alyssa were not as ready and bounced around, making much noise as poor Bridgette tried to go to sleep.  But go to sleep they finally did.  When they awoke, Hannah thought it was important for Bridgette to see her mom and dad's room and brought her in to see us peeking out from our blankets at her.   It was funny to see Bridgette's expression, a bit unsure of seeing us in our jammies, I guess!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 01 Three Kings Dinner

Last year we read a book about the Twelve Days of Christmas.  On that last day we held our first Three Kings Dinner, eating hummus, pita bread, cous cous, dried fruit and chicken.  Hannah was all about celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas again this year and Alyssa simply loves hummus, so we celebrated once again the Three Kings Dinner, inviting guests this time to share our meal with us.  Along with Aisha and Christopher Virzi, we enjoyed a meal of chicken and veggie kabobs (minus the skewers that I couldn't find), Israeli cous cous (with onions and carrots), red pepper hummus, pita bread, dried fruit and a yummy yogurt dip.  Before eating the "Ring" cake that Hannah practically made all by herself (and we don't buy boxed cake mix in this house) we read Tomie dePaola's, The Story of the Three Kings.  Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas and Three Kings Day lets us savor the coming of our Savior a bit longer. 

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