Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2010 06 Alyssa Writes

For the first time when mommy has offered, Alyssa let mommy write out the birthday card to Elizabeth in pencil so that she could try to trace the letters.  Taking the marker in her left hand, she let mommy gently guide her for the open line, "Dear Elizabeth" as she sat upon mommy's lap.  Not wanting her own space when offered, Alyssa continued to sit on mommy's lap as she "wrote" the rest of the card.  She surprised mommy with her patience as she carefully did the tracing.  Was she ever proud of herself!  Then it was mommy's turn to copy what Alyssa put down in pencil on the front of the card... "now copy this... good.  And copy this... good.  Ok... now copy this...."  she didn't always make it as easy as mommy did with her itty bitty designs or really big swirly spirals!

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