Friday, June 28, 2013

The Girls Doing Gymnastics

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun in the Sprinklers!

What better way to enjoy the summer than the age old tradition of running through the sprinklers!

We also read, Ice Cream Cones for Sale, by Elaine Greenstein and enjoyed waffle cookie ice cream sandwhiches.

Swim Lessons

Learning the safety rules of the swimming pool.

Learning how to save drowning people.

Alyssa loves swimming lessons this year!

Alyssa bravely jumped from the second step of the lifeguard stand.  She got water in her nose again... 
she still doesn't like getting water in her nose!

Last day and Alyssa jumped of the diving board!

Hannah dove off the board!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Early Birthday Card for Alyssa

This card was made for Alyssa by Hannah.  Inside Hannah pens,"Dear Alyssa, Happy Birthday!  We've really been thgou alot together.  Hannah" (her spelling)

Sounds like something you would read in a yearbook!

Alyssa read it and said, "I don't get it."

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Alyssa's End of Season Show

 Not only was this the last show of the season, this in the last class that Alyssa will take at The Little Gym.  The Little Gym is closing this location.  We have been bringing at least one of the girls here for class since Hannah was three.  
 Alyssa invited quite a few people, including friends Marissa, Mihret and Daniella.
 Alyssa did a great job.  She was the oldest and most experienced student in this class.
 Daddy arrived just as the gymnastic portion began!  
Following the show, we went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe (Alyssa's pick) along with the Kranzow family, their "cousins" who recently moved here from Tampa, FL.  

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