Thursday, November 04, 2010

Park Days

We joined a wonderful home school group called Park Academy. We meet once a month at a nearby park to discuss group business: our calendar of events and activities (field trips, book clubs, chess clubs, parents time out, etc.) It's a great group of parents with a wide range of home school styles and student age ranges.

Today was our third park day and each time, I've been watching to see how the girls interact with this new group of kids. Hannah does really well in smaller groups even with a group of people she knows, so this is stretching her. Alyssa still likes mommy to do everything with her, but she has Hannah.

Our second park day, I was really excited when the girls came running over to me to say that they made a new friend. My girls are social enough and make friends easily when they feel confident. The new friend, however, turned out to be just another park goer, not one of the many girls from our group.

Today, I encouraged the girls to see what the other girls were doing after watching them wander around together and end up back with me several times. "Go see Elyse," I told Alyssa. Although in another class, Elyse goes to preschool with Alyssa. Off the two went, ever so cautiously to the group of girls sitting on the ground underneath the shade of a tree.

After a little while, Hannah appeared by my side saying that the girls were making necklaces. "They'll let you make one if you want," I encouraged, "go ahead and ask." They headed back over and then I noticed one of the girls go to Hannah and ask if she wanted to join them. I saw Hannah shake her head no. I stopped paying attention to my girls for a bit and when I looked again, there they were sitting on the ground with the older girls bending their heads close to my girls to help string their beads.

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