Sunday, November 21, 2010

The other night...

We have been working on finding a way to help Alyssa to feel secure enough so that she doesn't wake mommy and daddy up at night. Mommy has finally said that if it isn't an emergency, I won't get out of bed. She can come in and give us hugs and kisses, but don't expect that I'll be getting up to tuck her back in. It seems to be working, but the other night, after giving mommy and daddy their kisses at 12:30 am Alyssa could be heard crying as she went back to her room. Daddy couldn't keep from going to her. Mommy stayed cozy in bed.

Later, Mommy noticed that there was a visitor IN BED with us. Sighing, Mommy got up to take the little missy back after daddy said she had climbed in 15 minutes AFTER she has been tucked in her own bed by daddy. Walking around to daddy's side of the bed where the intruder lay sleeping, mommy discovered that it wasn't Alyssa as suspected!

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