Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Child's Heart

This past week, a family we know through our church had a devastating loss.  At the age of 39, Michaela and CC's mom died in the hospital.  It was sudden and shocking.  The girls are left with no other family and nothing in place for their care.  My girls were so sad for Michaela and CC and even though haven't seen the girls very much in the past year or so, Hannah and Alyssa always immediately take to them whenever we do.  They decided that we should adopt them and had the living arrangements all figured out...  CC would sleep with Alyssa and Michaela with Hannah... we won't be adopting them, but will be praying for them and doing whatever we can during this time.  Please pray for these girls... CC is 7 and Michaela will be 15 soon.

This is the card that Alyssa dictated to me...

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