Sunday, November 21, 2010

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

There were 570 little pepitas in all.  Daddy and the girls worked on cleaning out the pumpkin to get out every single seed.  Hannah had a meltdown (not pictured above) because we weren't doing it right... "What!?! No alcohol?!?  Why are we using a slotted spoon!  You don't use slotted spoons!"  A call was made to Gramma who did pumpkin seed activities with Hannah a week or two before so that she could explain to Hannah that it was ok that mommy and daddy were doing it differently.   Hannah had specific directions as to how to count out the seeds as well.  Using two bowls, you had to count them by putting "one" into one bowl, "two" into the other and so on... AND she counted out loud, so it made it really hard for mommy to keep her count!

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