Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why do people always laugh at me?

We were returning books to the library one day.   Alyssa was cute as always, engaging the librarian in conversation.  As people usually do when interacting with my girls, the librarian couldn't help from laughing...

As we left the library, Alyssa turns to me and asks, "Why are people always laughing at me?"  Ahh... as my more tenderhearted child, she was questioning the intentions of the people she interacts with.  Quickly God gave me the words, "It's because you are so sweet and you make their hearts happy."  That really meant something to her... it made sense. 

This week, as Alyssa was getting her hair cut, she was chattering away with the stylist, a friend of ours from church.  I heard her telling Silvana,"People laugh at me because I make their heart happy."  I pray that she never doubts those words.  She does make people's hearts happy...

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