Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Last night we went to a Pot Luck at church.  (why is it called that by the way...) After eating, someone is posted as the look out to watch for the floats that go by on Live Oak Avenue on their way from Azusa to the parade route in Pasadena. Once they are spotted, we all head out to watch them go by.

On New Year's Eve, we are home and in bed before midnight, but can hear fireworks as the new year begins.

This morning, we watched the Rose Parade. And as we do every year, we head outside to watch the skies for the B52 bomber that starts off the parade. It's fun to see it go from the TV to our house. Then we watch the rest of the parade to see if we can spot the floats we saw the night before.

We pray for a blessed new year for all!

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