Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hannah Journals the Sunsets

Sunrises and sunsets are her main focus when it comes to her journal.  Mommy brought her out to the magnificent sunrise the other morning, firey orange.  She went out and basked in its beauty.  Then there was this sunset Thursday night.  Hannah was roller skating and just before coming in for dinner, she was compelled to find her journal.  Here are a few of her entries:

Ragyoulare Morning... 6 Day OF The week 2011... Berrds Twetting... Iv Groing Hawsis sining (shining) ... 8:04 (There is a picture of the sun off the the right of our garage)

Sunset (underneath picture of a blue sky with orange-red along the horizon)... 545 IS MY GYEES

And my favorite:

SunSeet 515... GOD Pant Sky... Nigttim Skarlit EnDeng... The Reel EnDen Is Blo... And yello

(Side note... I love how she still writes phonetically... even though she is learning how to write words correctly, I leave her to do her journal as she wishes... and I'm working on getting her to write the full date along with her entries.)

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