Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hannah's 6th Birthday

Every year on their birthday, we take this picture.  The bear was Ryan's and he faithfully helps us document how much the girls grow... and six years later... SIX years??? How grown up she looks now!

Hannah had a month long of celebration.  First we went to Mix 'N Munch on her birthday with Gramma, Grampop, Elle, Josh, Nate, Miss Allison, Mommy and Alyssa.  We went in style (and in a light rain), taking the Orange line train to the Mission Street station. 

That night we went to Claim Jumper again with Gramma and Grampop, Mommy, Alyssa and also Daddy who was able to come home from work a little bit early.  Hannah enjoyed building her own sundae, a nice follow up to the build your own cereal treat at Mix 'N Munch.

Next it was onto her Rapunzel themed party on Saturday.  Hannah helped decide the activities and braided the yarn for the pin the hair on Rapunzel game, working on it earlier during the week. She also helped bake and frost the cupcakes.  (Daddy did an amazing job frosting the four layer lantern cake!)  The kids built towers and played "Where's Pasquel?" the highlight of the party.

Finally, after the Birthday Tea for Gramma, Auntie Jen and Miss Britt, we celebrated with the family over a delicious dinner of ravioli.  Baby Sammy and her parents joined us and Sammy even helped open presents.  

Birthday Week:  Click here for more pictures

After the Tea Party:   Click here for more pictures

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