Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

A busy day for us as we celebrated family birthdays for Peggy, Britt, and Jen with dinner, cake, and bobbing for apples at the Hillcrest Estate before heading to the Harvest Festival at church. We also trick or treated at a number of houses in our neighborhood before heading home.

Getting costumes figured out this year was a bit unnerving for me. Alyssa wanted to be Dorothy and Hannah wanted to be Glinda. Having nothing to go on, too little time as the vacation from Idaho took priority and no luck at the second hand stores I tried, I (Naomi)was at a loss. Thankfully a fellow preschool mom was hearing my story and quickly offered the Dorothy costume she had at home, and everything started to fall into place. Glinda's costume started as a fairy costume. Off came the little wings and on went the skirt. Ryan did a marvelous job making the crown. The girls were so darling, and they made sure that Glinda was not mistaken for just another princess!

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