Saturday, October 09, 2010


This sign was found taped up to the bathroom wall across from the toilet... for your reading pleasure!  It was mostly done by Hannah, but Alyssa made some colorful lines and a sideways "A" along the top.  Hannah also drew Alyssa's surprised face when she saw the bug... apparently there was an actual bug that daddy needed to take care of.

Alyssa is getting pretty good at taking care of bugs herself... one night, more as a ploy to not go down at bedtime, she came into the kitchen with tissue in hand saying, "I want him to be with his family."  Daddy opened the front door for her to shake out the moth she had "caught" before we sent her back to bed.  She didn't realize that she didn't actually catch the moth, but she was satisfied with her efforts and finally went to bed.

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