Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Trolls of Oceanside

We went on a family vacation to Oceanside.  During the week we were there we did a number of things, went to Uncle Eric's birthday party, the beach, the pool, Legoland and Sea World.  We also were visited by the trolls that live under the bridge.  We never did see them, but there was evidence... first there was the missing glass from the kitchen in our condo... then Hannah's bowl of ice cream disappeared (returned spot clean a little bit later) and Alyssa's sausage dinner was gone, simply gone!  We decided that the Trolls only came to steal food and they only came into the condo when the patio door was left open.  What a fun-filled week we had!  For the first half of the week we heard Alyssa ask to go back home, but by the time our week was over, she wanted to stay... we all did! 

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