Monday, July 26, 2010

Swim Lessons

We have begun week two of swim lessons this summer. Both girls are enamored with the water, whether, tub, pool or sea. Our access to a pool has been limited to summertime swim lessons (a week or two) and an occasional pool party/visit here and there. They may get taken under, but come back up asking for more. While in Oceanside, the girls had two afternoons spending time at the resort pool. Hannah happily jumped from the side of the pool to the steps, often without her noodle. Alyssa would constantly shoo us away saying, "Let go of me!" and promptly sink under when we did. Swim lessons were a must upon our return.

This year we went the route of private lessons. The cousin of Matthew and Eric Wong's Daddy (and schoolmate of Ryan and his brothers), was available this summer and so a whole group of Hannah and Alyssa's friends were going to have Jeremy teach them how to swim properly.

Mommy worked with Alyssa while Hannah had one-on-one time with Jeremy. Hannah started off asking, "But how deep is it?" before even attempting to swim into the deeper water with Jeremy. By the end of the first week she was diving into that same water from 3 feet above without hesitation! She can do freestyle, elementary backstroke, breast stroke and float on her back, too. And she is pretty fast when she gets herself going.

In addition to becoming more confident with going underwater, kicking with Little Mermaid legs and paddling wit her hand at the same time as kicking with her feet, Alyssa has learned to make sure an adult is available and paying attention to her before she jumps in the pool at them:

"Mommy! I'm ready!" (Sometimes I make her do this three or four times before I turn to her... and she'll even say, "Mommy look away!" if I don't look away right away)

"OK, Alyssa!" I'll say as I turn to look at her.

"One, two... three!" In she goes and she'll tell you if she didn't make it under the water, because it's important to her that she does.

This has been the best swim lesson experience ever!

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