Saturday, July 03, 2010

Eaton Canyon with Daddy

It was a risk going to Eaton Canyon on the weekend. We turned into the the road that led to the parking lot and saw cars parked along the street and hoped the parking lot was not full. As we drove past groups of people and no empty spots, we saw the Wolterbeek family. After greeting the,m daddy suggested that the girls get out of the car to let daddy turn round and find parking... but then daddy saw someone pulling out from a spot not too far from the start of the trail... what timing! So off to the tadpoles we went with Catherine, Elizabeth, their parents, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandma! And much to our delight, we were the only group going to see the tadpoles and frogs! Hannah was all about collecting as many frogs as she could hold in her little hands... Alyssa cried a lot about not being able to catch any tadpoles. The water level had dropped since Tuesday and there were puddles of water with new tadpoles that were stuck. Ryan saved some of them, but such is life in the wild! More bugs and dragonfly babies were found as well. A fun morning of discovery with a fun group of people!

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