Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Our holiday festivities started with a pool party at Tim Celano's house Saturday afternoon.  Tim is a friend of Ryan's from his college days and lives 5 minutes away from us.  The girls had a blast playing in the pool and making new friends.  They especially like Sydney.  There were also sparklers and fireworks when it got dark.  Sunday after church (Gramma and Grampop surprised us at church!) was the annual pool party and bbq at the Martinez house... more swimming and more food!  Then after a quick stop at home, we headed to Library park in Monrovia for fireworks.  We got there around 5 - 5:30 and got a
pretty good spot.  Hannah's friend, Laura was there and the girls had fun hanging out at the fountain, playing with the dogs, blowing bubbles.  Alyssa fell asleep... she hadn't napped... and slept through the fireworks!  Our friend, Raymond Virzi joined us (along with 8,000 others) to view a spectacular fireworks show that almost didn't happen because of the wind.  Firemen were on the roof of the library hosing down the roof and trees before and during the fireworks.   Our evening ended with more fireworks as we drove home... and Alyssa getting sick as we turned onto our street... as we cleaned her up, she kept saying, "disgusting... disgusting..."  She's feeling much better now!  Happy 4th!

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