Friday, May 07, 2010

2010 05 Alyssa's First Kid's Night

Alyssa attended her very first Kid's Night at church.  These monthly Friday night gathering usually fall before a holiday... this month was Mother's Day.  They do the usual activities: coloring, craft, pizza dinner and a movie; all giving moms and dads two hours to themselves.  Alyssa usually hangs out with mommy these nights and daddy picks up Hannah on his way home from work.  Tonight was different!  Not only did Alyssa get to stay, but daddy came home early enough for a date night with mommy!

Alyssa was so excited about what she made for mommy... she was determined to tell mommy something about kids night when daddy brought the girls home.  Hannah gently tried to remind Alyssa to keep the secret about it and although it looked like Alyssa was processing that info, she still couldn't help from spilling the beans!  She was just sooo excited about her night!
Now we ca say, "You can do that!  You're a big girls now, remember?  You can got to Kid's Night!"

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