Thursday, April 05, 2012

Since it is Holy Week...

I found a book by Nikki Grimes at our local library called At Jerusalem's Gate, Poems of Easter. It is a collection of poems from the perspective of various people who were witnesses to that first holy week.

At Jerusalem's Gate, by Nikki Grimes

It's Him! shout bands
of rich and poor
who block my view.
I angle for
a glimpse of him
whose touch unlocks
a blind man's sight,
a deaf man's hearing.
There he is! There!
But what is this?
No light shoots from
his fingertips.
His voice calls down
no fire.
And yet, they say
a fig tree withered at his word.
That he shattered
death's door
not once, but thrice,
calling someone's
loved ones
back to life.
That he speaks
and demons cower.
Perhaps he hides this
He is, by all accounts,
extraordinary, yet
I find him quite ordinary.
Until he turns
and drinks me in.
I gasp, a-tremble,
grasp a palm frond
and wave in a frenzy
of praise and adoration,
singing Hosanna!
Hosanna! Hosanna!
as if my very life
depends upon it.

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