Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Cross of Easter

Many Questions, by Nikki Grimes

What about that tree--
the one that would be
sawn asunder,
its limbs
lashed to a T
to brace his
bruised body?
Did he plant it?
Give it water?
Did he bless
or curse it
like the fig?
As a sapling
did it forsee
a day when nails
would join
its marrow,
its meat,
to the hand
and feet
of the Lord?

One Answer, by Nikki Grimes

They made my sturdy limbs
a party to their mutiny.
Forgive Man, Lord,
and me.

Reading these poems reminded me of the Bebo Norman song, "The Hammer Holds" that comes from the perspective of the nails...

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