Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter with the Family

We got up early to have breakfast at church at 8:30 (and too early for the grown ups thanks to the clock with the mind of it's own, changing to daylight savings... again!) After breakfast there was a kids egg hunt, then church where the choir from the Mandarin Baptist church who shares our facility came to sing (so lively) and our very own brass band played.

Following church we headed up the the "Hillcrest Estate" (with a newly redone kitchen) for dinner, egg hunt and birthday celebration for Naomi, Brett and Ryan. Miss Britt's sister and kids joined us, so we had a full blown kids table!

Miles scored big time during the egg hunt... the girls all carefully obeyed the 8 egg each rule... and Miles, well, I guess he was too busy finding eggs to bother counting them! Two year old Cruz scored with the biggest orange egg you ever did see... straight for the orange tree! The kids all had a blast together.

If you click on the link to see the rest of the pictures, one snap shot needs a bit of an explanation... there is a picture of a picture of a group of kids with a bunny cake. That's Ryan at his first birthday, the cake was made by did dad... that was forty years ago...

Click here for more pictures

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