Saturday, December 25, 2010

One last surprise...

The girls with the really BIG sheets
from Pappy and Gramma Kate
Look at what Daddy and Mommy found!
Enjoying their "one last surprise" Christmas Day

Santa left a note with his special key saying that the girls needed to keep a look out for one last surprise.  After dropping the girls off with Gramma and Grampop for the afternoon, we found out what it was.  Santa had to wait until the girls were no longer in their beds for their last gift.  Pappy and Gramma Kate must have been talking to Santa and made sure that they had fun holiday sheets!

As excited as she was at having a new bed, Alyssa was not too sure about running into Santa Claus at night, so she chose to sleep on the couch at first.  Once she was sure that he wouldn't surprise her, she has been ok with sleeping in her new bed.

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