Saturday, December 04, 2010

Home Depot/Christmas Party

We have been keeping connected with the classmates from Hannah's last class from preschool.  Josiah's mom, Cindy, half jokingly says that she hoping her sons marries one of the girls.  It is a wonderful group of families where the kids and parents get along so well... this fellowship is blessed. 

Cindy got the gang together for a morning at Home Depot and Christmas party at her house afterward.  The kids painted the frames they made,  decorated gingerbread men cookies, played, ate and participated in a reading of the Christmas story.  Each character of the nativity scene was unwrapped by a child and and accompanying passage of scripture was read by a parent.  Ryan was the only dad who came.   He made a new little friend, Micah, Josiah and Chrissy's baby brother.  Micah took and immediate liking to Ryan.  Most of the time, he wouldn't even go to his mom, actually pushing her away and reaching for Ryan!  How funny it was to see how similarly Ryan and Steve (Micah' dad) was dressed when Steve arrived home from work (in VA) that day!

By the way... Home Depot has an awesome program... once a month you make a craft and receive a pin upon completion... and it's free.. including the apron with your kid's name on it!

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