Friday, March 05, 2010

2010 03 Most Likely to Marry A Prince

Today LuLu was wearing one of her favorite hand me downs from Sissy.  It is a t-shirt that says, MOST LIKELY TO MARRY A PRINCE with a picture of Cinderella underneath it.  She was "reading" the words on her shirt, tracking them with them with her fingers.  "So are you going to marry a prince one day?" I ask.."Yes, Daddy, " was her matter of fact reply.  So sweet!  And before I could savor the moment of the innocence of the love a little girl has for her daddy, Sissy pipes up, "No, he will be using a cane..." Really? I think.  "Or maybe even be dead."

Side note:  Daddy found a plastic pink ring that needed to be put away one day and gave it to Alyssa.  Now she wears it on her ring finger and says, "Daddy married me."

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