Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 03 Aunt Becky's Surprise Visit!

As I was putting Alyssa down for her nap this afternoon, the doorbell rings.  That's quite unusual, but even more odd was that as I went to the door, through our blinds, I could see Grampop standing in the driveway... Hmmm, maybe Grandma had to pick up something for my party tomorrow, I thought... but no, instead, there was my sister, all the way from Tampa, FL, standing there at my door step!  It was great to see her!  While Alyssa napped (and she did nap even with Aunt Becky here!) Hannah got to spend some on on one time with Aunt Becky at the park.  Then after dinner, we watched the movie, Penelope while eating popcorn.  Life is good!

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