Friday, February 05, 2010

2010 02 Singing Cards

So today after dropping Hannah off at preschool, Alyssa and mommy went to Walmart to pick up a thing or two.  As we headed to check out we ran into one of those holiday mid-aisle attractions and mommy started looking through the cards displayed there.  From the corner of mommy's eye she could see Alyssa at the other side of the display reach for a card.  Seeing that it was a musical card, mommy stopped from telling her to put it away (the rule is that we look with our eyes, not our hands), because mommy wanted to see what would happen next.  Sure enough, the card opened playing Tim McGraw's, "I Like It, I Love It."  With the card still open Alyssa paused and kind of looked around her and up, not quite sure where this music was coming from.  She then turned back to the card and after looking at it for a moment, she closed it.  When the music stopped she paused and looked around again.  She opened it again and the music started again.  Then it dawned on her that it could be coming from the card and she proceeded to close it and open it again.  AS she did so, the puzzled look she once had vanished into a smile.  Then she said, "I like this, I want it!"

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