Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 02 Martha Stewart I am not...

Looks good, doesn't it?  The directions looked simple enough... using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut a heart out from a piece of bread and toast the heart in a toaster.  Then grill the rest of the bread in a pan on the stove.  One side first, then place cooking sprayed cutter back into bread once you've turned it over and crack and egg into it.  Cook the egg by covering the pan with its lid.  Maybe I should have used a small egg, because in order for the large egg to cook fully, the bread burns on the bottom.  This is my second attempt... and though Martha Stewart I am not, still I will attempt to be creative in the kitchen... it makes life interesting!

(This Valentines breakfast was created for Daddy... Hannah did a very nice job of making the fruit salad.  Alyssa was asked to go get Daddy and bring him to the kitchen.  "DADDEEE!  Come here!" she called.)

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