Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 02 Big Bear

We seem to get to Big Bear once every five years or so... the first time Ryan and I went was for our one year wedding anniversary.  Our last visit was in the summer with other young families from our church when Hannah was one and a half years old.  We decided it was time to return for a weekend to play in the snow.... and play we did.   Saturday, driving up past the Discovery Center on the North Shore, we parked along the road by a beautiful, open field of virgin snow.  The girls jumped out of the van and dropped to their backs right away to make angels.  We barely had time to reach for the camreas.  Then we all rolled big snowballs for our first family snowman.  We saw a wild coyote, lots of gray squirrels and discovered bird prints in the snow.  Hannah has now decided that she wants to "live at the snow."  Alyssa on the other hand enjoys the snow a little bit at a time, and definitely not on her face! 

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