Sunday, February 20, 2011

May the Force Be With You....

After catching daddy watching Battle Star Gallactica a few times and often asking to watch "the movie you watch when you were a little boy", Ryan finally dug through all his boxes Sunday night and pulled out Star Wars to watch with the girls.  Thinking that they didn't see enough of Battle Start Gallactica to really know what it was and having been looking forward to sharing the Start Wars experience with them, he was sure that they wouldn't know the difference.  Hunkered down in front of the tv all snug with their pillows, Ryan read the opening paragraphs in his best dramatic voice.

Hannah, "Who's that shiny guy?... (C3PO)... What's the short guy?... (R2D2)... What are the hooded guys doing?  (Jawas)"

Of the lightsaber, Hannah commented, "I've only seen the fake ones, the real ones are really sharp, right?"

Hannah spent much of the movies with her fingers in her ears and was a bit afraid.  Alyssa wasn't phased too much.  They both enjoyed it... they'll watch anything that's on tv... but when it was all said and done, they both were disappointed that it wasn't the movie that daddy had watched when he was a little boy.  They weren't fooled... it most certainly wasn't the show they had seen daddy watching!

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