Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

We began our Valentines Day celebrations on Thursday February 2nd with our Home School Park group.  The girls made 43 valentines.  Hannah made prints by "engraving" a design onto styrofoam from a meat tray.  Alyssa painted on a freezer baggie, wiping it clean before making a new design.

Then came the sugar cookies for Alyssa's preschool class.  Hannah helped make the dough, Alyssa rolled it and used heart shaped cutters.

Pappy helped Alyssa make home made play dough using beet juice to make a pink color.  Then we rolled out the dough and used the heart shaped cutters for valentines for her preschool class (we got this from a valentine given to us from our home school group party!).

Pappy was able to help Alyssa with her dough project because he came out here for the annual Father/Daughter dance that they go to with daddy.  This date night tops every Valentines Day activity every year.Click here for more pictures

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