Friday, September 17, 2010

I need to translate...

So Homeschooling is going well for the most part... Hannah is still pretty strong willed about wanting to do things her way even when the teacher has something different in mind. One morning she was so frustrated with the teacher that she blurted out, "You're not a real teacher! I want to got to a real school!" I'm sure I'm not the first parent to hear that! Hannah is learning that said teacher will simply drop the project if she becomes difficult and move onto something else.

Here is another example of Hannah's will overriding the task of simply following directions. We are sending a letter out along with 50 cents to get a badge for an accomplishment of Hannah's (something we saw in a book borrowed from the library). Just getting Hannah to simply send 5o cents and not "a dollar so that we could get back change" was in and of itself a challenge. Then, so that Hannah could write something in her own hand, we were taping the money to a card that said, "Arden, You'll find under tape the money for badge(her wording, not mine)." Instead, she took on a very creative approach. Hannah could not simply write the words out legibly for the reader.

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