Thursday, September 02, 2010

Alyssa's Dance Class

More exciting to her than starting preschool in a couple weeks is going to dance class.  The other day while visiting with her COOP friends and their mommies, she was dancing around with Carrie, Mihret's mommy.  Carrie asked her, "Are you excited about going to preschool soon?"  Alyssa's reply was a boisterous, "No, I'm excited about DANCE CLASS!"  Alyssa asked several times this morning if I would be staying for her dance class (I didn't stay for the 3 camps she did over the summer) and if I would be taking a picture of her when we got there (but of course!).  She gave me lots of  kisses and hugs before going into class where she promptly took off the tap shoes we put on just moments before.  All seemed to be going well until part way through tap when she came out to me with tears filling her eyes.  That moment passed quickly and before I knew it she was back in class.  The same thing happen toward the end of the gymnastics part of class, but she got her reassurance from mommy and finished off the class saying as she left the gym, "I don't want to go!"

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