Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 01 Hannah's Mid -Year Recital

Say it isn't so!  Though she did the routines so lovely while they rehearsed once more before the recital, our star dancer chose not to participate when it came to proudly show off what she learned!  Don't let the pictures you see fool you... what you see her doing isn't the routine... it's her doing her own thing.  It wasn't until mommy reminded her that little girls who participate go to their favorite restaurant for dinner, did she even try... and that was for the last two gymnastics routines.  We're not sure what held Hannah back, but this little girl is a natural dancer... it's her passion.  We're looking forward to seeing her dance in the recital in June, so we'll work with her to make sure that she can enjoy that experience.

Click here for pictures

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