Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 01 Bridgette Sleeps Over

Bridgette came for a sleepover tonight... her first time at a house that wasn't family (though we feel as though she's family) and Hannah's first time to have a friend come without their family (remembering when Helena was here).  Alyssa was part of the action too... they enjoyed popcorn, smores and hot chocolate while watching Hannah's new video, The Little House on the Prairie.  When it was time for bed, Bridgette was ready, snuggled between Hannah and Alyssa on an air mattress on the floor in their room.  Hannah and Alyssa were not as ready and bounced around, making much noise as poor Bridgette tried to go to sleep.  But go to sleep they finally did.  When they awoke, Hannah thought it was important for Bridgette to see her mom and dad's room and brought her in to see us peeking out from our blankets at her.   It was funny to see Bridgette's expression, a bit unsure of seeing us in our jammies, I guess!

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