Thursday, October 30, 2008

How did she do that????

Hannah and I were going to make cookies to take to the Harvest Festival at our church Halloween night. I put Hannah in charge of finding the sugar cookie recipe in my "found recipe" binder while I took care of a couple things.

When I returned I saw Hannah turning past the sugar cookie recipe at the same time I realized that there were no eggs in our refrigerator. Upon telling Hannah that we would have to wait until we could go to the store for eggs, she says, "but we have toddler eggs!" Not sure what she meant, we took a look in the refrigerator... where there was a bowl of hard boiled eggs and a container of scrambled eggs. I explained to Hannah that we needed uncooked eggs and that all we had were cooked eggs, so we couldn't make the cookies, because you need uncooked eggs to make cookies. "No mommy, there are cookies that don't need eggs." So I asked her to show me the recipe.

I have no idea how she knew that the recipe she found had no eggs... she wouldn't tell me... but there it was... Oatmeal Lace cookies. We only made those cookies once, and that was in May for her preschool Open House. It's an easy recipe and it contains NO eggs! Look for it on our recipes link...

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