Saturday, September 03, 2011

Soccer Season is Underway

Hannah played her first soccer game. It was a 'friendly" (preseason) game. Hannah was timid when it came to actually kicking the ball. When a play didn't go her team's way, she would put both her hands up to her head (too cute!) She also found it important to chase the pigeons off the field during the game. Hannah is #2.
Alyssa brought her own chair and watch the whole game (unlike at practices when she asks to go to the park to play the whole time!)
The oranges were by far the best part of the game for Hannah... that and cheering her team on.
And so it's official. I'm a soccer mom. I only offered to coordinate the snacks for game days and the other mom who is helping out with getting the banner, making the hair bows and collecting fundraising money already had a soccer mom water bottle, so she told me I could have it.

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