Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Glorious Day!

When my girls don't clean up their things I try not to sweat it and quietly clean up for them. These items get collected in or bedroom. And things are piling up! Just the other night Ryan commented that we need a bigger bedroom.

Yesterday the girls had a wonderful camp set up using the orange tree and parachute among other things. They were allowed to keep it up all day and agreed that when it was time or dinner everything that went inside would be brought inside. Unfortunately, they didn't bring things inside.

Today, they realized that they had very little of their original camp they decided to earn the following items back: two umbrellas, play tent, three pillows, and two blankets.

How do they earn them back you ask? By doing extra chores. I had the stove top wiped down, along with the inside of the microwave, the kitchen cabinet doors and dining room walls. Hannah also swept the front porch.

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