Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aunt Becky scares me....

This is what Alyssa whispered to me at church on Sunday.  Alyssa is my "tenderhearted" child and easily upsets at times (not always) when directed, disciplined or innocently spoken to by adults.  My sister had three girls and parents little ones much like I do... and this Alyssa did not like at all.  Much of the visit Alyssa spent avoid Aunt Becky... on rides at Disneyland, holding hands across the street, etc.  It was comical.  But Alyssa really does love Aunt Becky and knows that Aunt Becky loves her too.  By the end of the visit, Aunt Becky was included when she was heard saying, "I love daddy, and mommy, Hannah, my cousin Taylor and my Aunt Becky."

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