Sunday, April 04, 2010

2010 04 Is it Easter time?

So this story has a few dimensions to it.  First off, all week Alyssa has been asking, "Is it Easter time?"  The answer I gave was, yes it's Easter time, but Easter is on Sunday."  So when Easter morning finally rolled around we had two little girls bounding onto our bed at what seemed the wee hours of the morning... not really wee, but when I looked at the clock, I was terribly confused.  It was still dark but the clock said 7 am... or did it?  

Dimension number two... a few years back we were given a clock that automatically adjusted itself for Daylight Savings.  Really neat function, until the date of Daylight Savings changed.  We've had a few mishaps in the past with trying to reset the clock only to have it change again and again... so this year we decided to simply leave the clock go until it fixes itself.  (I know what you're thinking... why are you still using the clock?? We ask ourselves the same thing!)

So after realizing that the clock probably righted itself, we asked Hannah to go into the living room to see what the time actually was.  She wanders off and as I hear her turn on the living room light  I hold my breath... 

Dimension number three... the Easter Bunny had already been to our house and the baskets were on the coffeetable!  Hannah bounced back into our bedroom without a word about the baskets and announced that it was only 6 am.  Back to their own beds the girls went... though the office to avoid the Easter baskets.  We didn't quite make it to 7 am when the girls ran back into our bedroom squealing with delight.

Preschool Click here for pictures

Moppets Easter Click here for pictures

Our Easter Click here for pictures

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