Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 09 First Day of School

Hannah started her third and final year of preschool at Arcadia Friends Community Church Preschool. It is amazing how fast time flies! She has Mrs. Lynn for her teacher. So far this year, she has shown a lot of interest at the art table, but I have seen her head over to the blocks first thing each morning as I drop her off.

Alyssa is going to a preschool Co-op that was started with a group of my mommy friends. Mihret, Christopher, Derek, Elizabeth, Alyssa and Alana all turned 2 within four months of each other and are wonderful playmates. Joining them is Mahalia who will be turning three in November. It is a great group of moms and kiddos and it's a great opportunity to give us moms a break from our kids each Monday (when we're not the teacher for the day!)

Click here for pictures of First Day

Click here for pictures of Alyssa's Preschool

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