Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 05 Little Ladybug

As we were leaving Hannah's preschool class today, Hannah stopped and started digging into her front pocket saying something about a ladybug. "Wait until we get home Hannah, show it to me then." So we head to the car, the girls get buckled in,we get home, they get out and after heading inside, they played a bit while mommy heads to the kitchen to try to figure out lunch real quick.

"I named my ladybug Ariel," Hannah calls to mommy as she joins me. As I turn to her, I see that she is holding out her little hand and there was a ladybug... a real little ladybug, not a paper or sticker one that mommy thought she'd see. "Where did you find it Hannah?" I say. "On the playground." That was most likely mid morning. I wondered how long she had it in her pocket, surprised it lasted this long.

Sadly, Ariel, the ladybug, didn't last must longer than lunch. Hannah manhandled the poor thing until she asked if I could fix it... the head was severed from the rest of the body.

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