Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2008 12 Caught Red-handed!

Hannah was caught red-handed with something that she knew she shouldn't have... red colored sugar. Hannah had been "quietly" playing doctor in the tv room while Mommy was getting ready for an evening out with Daddy. Alyssa was wandering around the house going to see Hannah and then back to mommy again. When Hannah ran into the kitchen upon the arrival of her Gramma, Mommy gasped. There Hannah stood with her red clown mouth and the little bottle of red sugar held tightly in her little hand, without much thought to any possible wrongdoing. When questioned about what she did, poker-faced, Hannah simply denied that anything could be amiss or otherwise... COMPLETE DENIAL, even after being held up to a mirror to be shown that there was evidence! Only when given the threat of standing in the "Thinking Corner" did she sing... and then she tried to divert the blame when she said that it was her sister who "brought the bottle into the TV room" from the kitchen.

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