Friday, November 28, 2008

2008 Christmas Tree Outing

The day after Thanksgiving we went on an outing to find our perfect Christmas tree. Before we left our house, Hannah was ready with a backpack full of things to do "on the train" (our adventure last year was to Fillmore for a train ride to cut down our own tree), but thankfully, she was ok with the new experience we had planned this year. We began by having lunch with Gramma, Grampop, and Uncle Eric and Northwoods Inn. After lunch, we went to get our tree... the first tree stand we passed was empty, however, there are many street corners with tree stands, so it wasn't hard to find one full of trees from Oregon! Mommy enjoyed decorating the tree with Hannah. She's so grown up now and can handle even the most delicate of ornaments... Alyssa on the other hand... delicate ornaments were hung high!

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