Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naomi's brother and nephews visit from PA

We had a whirlwind visit from a few of our Pennsylvania clan this weekend. They packed in a tour at Warner Bros Studios, Hollywood (Ryan's work, The Dark Knight vehicles at the Arc Light, the walk of Stars, Chinese Theater and the Hollywood sign), Santa Monica Pier and the beach, a Dodgers game, Universal City Walk, church, lunch at In-N-Out, and the Dallas Cowboys Summer Training Camp in Oxnard all in three days! Hannah and Alyssa loved seeing their cousins. After they left, Hannah asked if mommy could teach her to play the game that her cousins were playing in the backyard. They were playing baseball with a small plastic ball and empty paper towel rolls any downtime they had. Hannah is already looking forward to their next "sleep over" at her house!

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